Sleep Apnea and GERD

Nighttime reflux is often painful enough to disturb sleep or wake up the person. Close to 80 percent of people with GERD report nighttime reflux or heartburn. But that percentage may be underestimated, because a brief reflux reflux pillows for pregnancy event may only briefly rouse the person from sleep something they may not remember in the morning. If you have trouble sleeping or don’t get restful sleep, talk to your doctor about whether you may be experiencing reflux during the night. Relaxation triggers. People with GERD are more likely to experience reflux symptoms during periods of wakefulness at night because their lower esophageal sphincter relaxes during those times, so being awakened by an apnea event could then trigger reflux. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) side effects.
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Soda, Sleeping Pills May Cause Heartburn

In addition, people who reported sleeping problems, such as snoring, insomnia, and daytime sleepiness, reported a higher frequency of nighttime heartburn. These symptoms are also associated with sleep apnea or irregular breathing during sleep. Therefore, researchers say it also wasn’t surprising that people with medical conditions associated with sleep apnea, such as high blood pressure and asthma, were also more likely to report nighttime heartburn. Experts say the study suggests that there are lifestyle changes that people can make to reduce their risk of nighttime heartburn.
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Mo’s massage in the woods as world champion is denied access to warm-down area in Moscow

The muscular system: Some massage movements relax and stretch muscles, reducing muscular tension and cramp. Massage also makes muscles more flexible by reducing muscle tone. Muscles tired by exercise are more quickly restored by massage than by rest. The nervous system: Soothing massage can provide relief from nervous irritability and stress-related conditions such as insomnia and tension headaches. When used energetically to stimulate, massage may relieve lethargy and fatigue.
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‘It was for recovery, to make sure everything’s okay. Neil knows, in terms of my body, better than anyone else. He’s the physio I always see. Without Neil my body definitely wouldn’t be the same.’ Golden moment: Farah crosses the line to win the 10,000m The 30-year-old followed that surreal experience with a room service steak and chips at his hotel and little sleep, before turning his attention to the 5,000m and his pursuit of the double-double. Only the Ethiopian great Kenenisa Bekele has won double gold in the men’s distance events at both the Olympics and World Championships – he did so in 2008 in Beijing and 2009 in Berlin – but the two-time London 2012 gold medallist is now on the verge of the same feat.
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I sought Sager’s advice and insight regarding massage therapy and its health benefits, as well as its connection to stress reduction, after having recently learned of stress reduction by way of a “sister therapy,” acupuncture. Sager, who specializes in Shiatsu massage, the standard Eastern method of massage that involves applying thumb pressure to various day spa Houston 77024 points on the body, explained that massage is quite similar to acupuncture in many ways. “We still work with certain meridian lines in the body, so massage has similar effects,” he said. “Massage helps to open those meridian lines and allow energy to flow freely throughout the body, easing any discomfort and clearing the mind.” After working for 15 years as a laboratory supervisor at SVMC, Sager decided to pursue a career in massage therapy. Vermont, he explained, has no licensing protocol for massage therapists, unlike the state of New York, which requires all massage therapists to pass a board exam prior to licensure. This was the primary reason Sager enrolled at The Center for Natural Wellness in Rensselaer, N.Y., in June of 2000, where he studied until September of that same year and then proceeded to sit for and pass his state board exam.
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Lax Enforcement of Massage Industry Allows Illicit Spas to…

Dave Sears of the Petaluma Police Department.And its our responsibility to make sure that everyone complies with the law. If a massage parlor ordinance was implemented, it could take on many forms. It could require that parlors be regularly inspected by the county health department like now happens in San Francisco or that each therapist is fingerprinted, like Napa, Healdsburg and many other cities do. Basic monitoring of who is employed at massage spas and where they are coming from goes a long way toward weeding out therapists who are illegally working in the U.S. or are victims of human trafficking, Sears said.
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The tranquil Benningtonian: How regular massage therapy can help you de-stress

For this to happen to someone who is so sweet and generous, its devastating. Im just trying to show our support as a community and as people who want to reach out and help her. Tyson is a certified massage therapist. She has an associate degree in science and physiology. Besides massages, she is also selling gift certificates which are good for one year. She also offers aromatherapy. Heather Peavey, a University of Michigan Hospital nurse and a regular customer, is also participating.
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Green Lawn Fertilizing Donates Lawn Care Services in 17th Annual Renewal & Remembrance Day at Arlington National Cemetery

We always look to hire military veterans and send them to Arlington National Cemetery on this day to honor those that sacrificed their lives. Our employees have a special connection on this day and feel privileged to represent their country while donating time and services, said Matt Jesson, President of Green Lawn Fertilizing. Kelly Anne Zynn, Office Associate at Green Lawn Fertilizing, had a very emotional and spiritual experience at Arlington National Cemetery. When I walked up the hill, it took my breath away. It is a glorious resting place for some of our countries greatest men and women, and very deserving. Looking forward to their tenth year of Landscape design service Green Lawn Fertilizing is proud to support the military community as they have donated their time, products and services to Arlington National Cemetery for the past 9 years. Green Lawn Fertilizing is actively looking forward to spending their tenth straight year at PLANETs Renewal & Remembrance Day at Arlington National Cemetery next July.
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Lawn care like a pro

This layer can strangle your grass, preventing water, air and nutrients from penetrating the soil. While you can use a stiff lawn rake to scrape up this layer, doing this job by hand can be pretty back-breaking. A power dethatcher can help you tackle this task a lot more quickly, but since youll probably only want to dethatch every three to four years, youre better off renting this tool from a local garden supply store rather than buying one. Fix Your pH Over time, your soils pH level can start to acidify, hampering plant growth. A simple soil test kit can tell you whether your soil needs to be fixed. If the test indicates that your soil is too acidic, you can fix it by putting down a layer of garden lime, which also provides much-needed calcium to the lawn. While off-the-shelf test kits can give you an idea of your soils pH, they dont do a great job testing for nutrient deficiencies. To get a more comprehensive test done, which can tell you whether you need to add fertilizer, contact a local co-operative extension .
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Commercial lawn care from Professional Choice Lawn Care

Mention this ad to receive your discount! Call us today and find out what we can do to help your lawn looks its best. We will also provide maintenance tips with each service provided to help keep you informed and educated. Professional Choice Lawn Care, LLC 2250 South Plaza Unit 3 Rapid City, SD 57702
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U.S. Treasury And Mortgage Rate Projections Show Sharp Rise This Week

We assume that float is invested at the matched maturity U.S. Treasury forward rate for the matching float period below. The risk-neutral present value of the interest earned is calculated using the mortgage valuation yield curve, since an event of default or prepayment on the underlying mortgage ends this source of value. Value for a constant $100 amount is given here for “float periods” ranging from 1/4 of a month to a full month: (click to enlarge) Again, the same analysis can be done on an inflation adjusted basis with insurance and taxes tied to the value of the home. The value of float on the payment of interest and principal for various lengths of the “float period” is given in this table: (click to enlarge) Another important component of mortgage servicing rights valuation is the net impact of cash flows to the servicer from the events of default and prepayment.
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Former Goldman Sachs trader found liable in fraud case sparked by mortgage crises that pushed recession

Securities and Exchange Commission even called Tourre the face of Wall direct mortgage loans Street greed. The verdict was a victory for the SEC, which says it has clawed back $2.68 billion from 157 financial crisis perps. Goldman paid a $550 million fine in 2010 without admitting or denying wrongdoing. RELATED: FORMER TRADER’S FRAUD CASE HEADED TO JURY But Tourre, who left Goldman in 2012, faces no prison time because his trial was the result of a civil lawsuit brought by regulators not a criminal case. The French-born Stanford University graduate declined to comment as he left court Thursday wearing a crisp white shirt, dark suit, purple tie and vacant stare. He faces potential fines and a possible ban from the financial industry after a jury found him liable in six of seven fraud claims brought against him by the SEC. Federal judge Katherine Forrest, who will determine the penalties, has asked both sides of the case to submit proposals for next steps to her by Aug.
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Retirement Council Recommends Income Illustrations On Pension Statements

Retirement income scorecard: Immediate annuities

The benefit statement would be required to provide an understandable explanation of the assumptions used to project the account balance to normal retirement age and to convert account balances into annuities or other lifetime income streams. In addition, the benefit statement would contain a disclaimer that projections are only estimates and not guarantees. We believe that lifetime income illustrations and projections should be mandated as part of participants benefit statements, said William R. Charyk, President of IRIC. Given the risks DC plan participants face, including a lack of understanding of how much they need for retirement, how long their funds will need to last and how to spend the funds when they do retire, it is imperative that participants receive this information. To make the disclosures voluntary would be seriously detrimental to them. In its comment letter, IRIC recognizes that the projection of future income streams based on an account balance is inherently uncertain, and believes it would be a disservice to participants if this uncertainty were not explained.
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I often recommend that you split your retirement savings between annuities and systematic withdrawals, so that you diversify your retirement income and realize the advantages of each method. Please note that the incomes shown above are pre-tax amounts. Federal and state income taxes will have a significant effect on your after-tax income and should be taken into account. The income taxes you pay will vary depending on whether your annuity was purchased with pre-tax investments in traditional IRA or 401(k) accounts, or with after-tax investments. Because only you know which method or combination of methods might work best for you, you should take the time to learn as much as you can about the various methods of generating a retirement paycheck. (A good source to learn more about these methods is my recent book ” Money for Life: Turn Your IRA and 401(k) Into a Lifetime Retirement Paycheck.” ) You’ll thank yourself when you reach your 80s and 90s and your retirement income keeps chugging along.
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Three Great Retirement Income Calculators

Now, the Internet is here to make things simple. You shouldnt rely on a web site to give you all the answers, but you can get closer to a realistic plan using free online tools. There are dozens to choose from, but here are three good ones to try before sitting down with any adviser: 1. BlackRock CoRI What it does: A relatively new entrant, the tool offered by the investment firm BlackRock uses current interest rates, inflation and other real-time data to come up with a daily index that, matched to your age and current retirement plan balance, projects a potential annual income. The upside: No assumptions. This is real data and, thus, a more accurate view of things right now.
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Forget Yield — Dividend Growth Is The Metric That Matters For Retirement Income

Stepping away from REITs, lets take a look at two widely-held blue chips that have more or less tracked the market over the past ten years Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson and Wal-Mart Stores Wal-Mart Stores [Disclosures: Sizemore Capital is long WMT and JNJ.]. I included both of these names for one critical reasonboth paid comparably low dividends back in 2003. Yet despite paying a modest yield at the time, both had been serial dividend raisers for a long timeand still are. Their stock prices have had wild swings over the years, but their dividends have been a source of rock-solid stability. In 2003, Johnson & Johnson and Wal-Mart yielded 1.5% and 0.65% in dividends, respectively. A million dollars invested in each would have paid out $15,296 and $6,538. That stacks up pretty poorly in comparison to the $40,000 you could have received in bond interest by investing in Treasuries. But lets fast forward ten years. Those original million-dollar investments in Johnson & Johnson and Wal-Mart would be paying you $49,244 and $34,144, respectively. Wal-Marts total cash payout is still a little lower than the payout from the Treasury note, though it rose by more than a factor of 5and will likely keep rising at a blistering pace for the foreseeable future. And again, this says nothing about capital gainsor about the reinvestment of dividends, which would have boosted the number of shares you owned and thus your ultimate payout. What lessons can we learn from this? Dividend growth matters far more than current yield. When building an income portfolio, accept a lower payout today in the interest of generating a far bigger payout tomorrow. As in so many other areas of investing, delayed gratification has its rewards. Ill leave you with one final point on inflation and taxes. The first is obvious. Prices rise over Pearland Reverse Mortgage time, and the only way you can avoid getting progressively poorer in retirement is to have an income stream that at least keeps pace with inflation.
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